MOTTO: “For the Greater Good”

“If one of them ever offers you ‘sacred tea’, either decline, or make sure you don’t have anything going on for the next 12 hours. I’m just saying... enjoy the trip...”

- Wellshare Bob,

Alamo Wasteland Welldigger

Not much is known about the Scaven as of yet, save that they all wear masks outside during the day, and tinted goggles. It is thought that, perhaps, they’re all dayblind as a result of living below ground for so many generations. They are led by a WarBoss who has a year-long reign, though how they choose a new one, and what happens to the old ones, is subject to much speculation.

The Scaven all wear masks, and this may be the most disconcerting quality to them, aside from their penchant of popping out of manholes and sewer grates at oddly inopportune moments. Renowned water traders and medics, they’re typically considered Neutrals in the wasteland. Their medical treatments may run to the experimental, but they rarely turn anyone away for a mouthful of water or some shelter. Typically cordial, if aloof, crossing them may be subtly dangerous, as their list of allies is thought to be quite long, but a tightly-guarded secret.

Scaven are rumored to use their dead as fungus farms, and the highest insult they can levy against an enemy is to cremate their bodies. Reports returned from the exceedingly rare visitor to their lair report that they have extensive farms of fungi and rats, and extensive populations of cats. Once thought confined to the Alamo Wasteland, it is now understood that the sewers beneath San Antonio serve as a Trade Hub and Headquarters for their NeoBedouin lifestyle. Scaven can be found everywhere, singly and in numbers, but their presence may be quite obfuscated.

It is known that Ratface used to be one of them. That they seem to avoid talking about the House of Spiders, in that light, makes sense. What relationship, if any, they still have with each other is not known.


Plague Doctor in White - Mysterious and overly shy leader of the Scaven.

Puhn’Kin - Scaven Lawspeaker and number two in the clan


Stormcrow - The Scaven share the Alamo Wasteland with Stormcrow, but their diplomatic ties, if any, are unknown.!/theskaven/

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